iLife '09 «postponed" until October 20. We are waiting for an update?

Delivery of all, without exception, computers Apple, expected in the first half of this week, a few hours ago, moved two days ahead.The explanation for this strange move kupertinovtsev find difficult. It should only take a look at a page of a major international online store

Google searches from the iPhone prevail over Yahoo and Bing

In its latest research report analyst firm Chitika published data on distribution of shares between the iPhone search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing . .

[App Store + HD] We City: as a "farm", only in the city

In the App Store, there are several unique specimens of its kind social games.They are all made of the same company, and they attract the biggest crowds of players among similar projects.This, of course, is a series «We ...» from renowned developers of ngmoco.
 The presence of all three projects in this series on iDevayse may deprive many of us sleep and seriously detract from the important things.Today in our "guests" - the most recent and technically advanced edition in a new setting . .


Steve Jobs and Facebook founder talked about Ping

Social-music network from Apple, built-in iTunes from September this year, did not become a breakthrough in his field and very quickly was "treated kindly" with all and sundry. In order to improve its functionality and to attract new users (as well as increase sales of content in iTunes), Steve Jobs is trying to enlist the support of the founder of Facebook.Twosome . .

Details of the new MacBook Air

 The first serious suggestions about an updated line of "Air" notebooks were released just days ago, and today appeared on the Internet photos, allegedly belonging to the new MacBook Air. To doubt their authenticity quite difficult even if they wanted. Look into the future together with us!
 In order tech-blog Engadget were two very interesting pictures.The first - a laptop without a back door and all the "guts" out.
Already on the same frame body can be seen that before us is clearly the creation of Cupertino, and further analysis seen only confirms our speculation.