Details of the new MacBook Air

 The first serious suggestions about an updated line of "Air" notebooks were released just days ago, and today appeared on the Internet photos, allegedly belonging to the new MacBook Air. To doubt their authenticity quite difficult even if they wanted. Look into the future together with us!
 In order tech-blog Engadget were two very interesting pictures.The first - a laptop without a back door and all the "guts" out.
Already on the same frame body can be seen that before us is clearly the creation of Cupertino, and further analysis seen only confirms our speculation.

 What a delicious find on this and the following pictures:

  • Before us - a new 13.3 inch version of the MacBook Air, but not discussed 11.6-inch modification;

  • SSD-card actually came to replace the hard drive and to the left of the huge battery compartment of the four components;

  •  In the model of two USB-ports, one for the two sides of the notebook;

  • Of the other connectors - power adapter, mini DisplayPort, and the card reader;

  •  CPU-Intel Core 2 Duo 1,86 GHz, already available in the current MacBook Air entry level.

  • RAM is again fixed and is only 2 gigabytes.

  •   The second image - a screenshot of system information with this notebook:

    In addition to photographs, trusted source told AppleInsider site has some interesting facts about the new model:

  • The new 11.6-inch Air also plans to exit, but will cost significantly less than the 13-inch sibling;

  •   Both models will be deprived of the buttons on the touchpad;

  • All ports will now be available free from the edges of Air (instead of the bay);

  •  SSD-card is connected to the motherboard through the interface SATA;

  •  The thinnest notebook space - not longer than the height of standard USB-port.

  •   A snack - an interesting point from our editorial staff. Pay attention to image-rendering 11,6-inch MacBook Air in the news. Now find the one absolute resemblance between him and some of which element in the photo with "glands" above. Mystique or leak? 


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