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hey guyz,
           I recently saw this website and thought that you goyz might like it too.Its AMAZING

Type of software : Multi-function application developer / publisher : Moshen Chan Version : 1.30 Price : $ 1.99 → $ 0.99 [iTunes link]
Where not only meet the image of our planet. Land emblazoned on the covers of magazines, appears frequently in films, read on satellite images, etc. The simplicity of its shape (think of it, ellipsoid) with unfathomable complexity of the structure attracts millions of people. How about to watch the globe in real time?

Living Earth HD - this application is "all-in-one" interactive screensaver which serves as an image of the Earth. Earth is not static, as in Google Earth, but real .Realism is created by two things:
• First, there is lit and the dark side of the globe, and their boundaries, "crawling" in real time. Entourage - generally appropriate. On the dark side is almost not visible clouds, but the big cities can be seen very well. With what problems the designers, so this is a "glow" of these same cities. It is necessary to bring the pinch-zoom, as the picture becomes bleak. 
• Second, the cloud. You do not think that the Living Earth draws them randomly?Maps of clouds loaded with satellite every 3 hours, then the program carefully "puts" them on your globe.

  Having admired the beauty of the earth, let's functionality. Here you will find as many as three main functions: world clock, alarm clock and weather. As a signal for the latter you can put any song from the iPod, which is an advantage. The weather, in turn, sufficiently detailed. Optionally, you can turn the search times of sunrise and sunset, and also change the units of measurement.

The three above-mentioned functions, developers have added no accident. Living Earth is focused primarily on the owners of iPad, among the standard applications that no Clock or Weather. On the users' iPhone, they can bring a little more than a rich set of options than in the standard package iOS.
At the time of writing a program to distribute 50 percent discount - for a dollar. Sin is not for sale.


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