Google searches from the iPhone prevail over Yahoo and Bing

In its latest research report analyst firm Chitika published data on distribution of shares between the iPhone search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing . .
With much far ahead Google, accounting for 96.96% of all search queries that users do iOS from their gadgets. Apparently, those 200 million dollars, which pay Brin and Page in the first place (by default) settings in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, play the role of the locomotive.

Following Google follows Yahoo with its 2.25% and Bing from Microsoft can voosche calculate the arithmetic mean of the error - it accounts for 0.58%.

A breakdown of traffic to Google is as follows.

  • 49.08% go to the toolbar mobile Safari;
  • 42.24% is the start page Google. It is a curious point, because users somehow chosen to begin each new day with Google, although at this point could be Yahoo and Bing. In other words, this protsentazh does not depend on the contract between the two giants.
  • 8.68% generates mobile application to Google App.
  It is a pity that there is no statistics on Yandex. After all, someone has the same uses and them too.


Smkhanz said...

"It's a pity that there are no statistics on Yandex.” After all, someone has the same uses and them too. "
and even lapped Google, Yandex, I despise all domestic search engines, Google steers) Bing is a general mistake of nature, it is used by only those who yuzayut (!) program of IE, which can not download a browser toolbar and juzat with this Bing, oh well, da base percentage of what the default Google), TC 50 users per glamorous blonde / are too lazy to configure it / do not know that you can change the toolbar poisk.mashinu / those whom it does not need (looking well, okay), the rest are either In those 3% or yuzayut Google!)

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