[App Store + HD] We City: as a "farm", only in the city

In the App Store, there are several unique specimens of its kind social games.They are all made of the same company, and they attract the biggest crowds of players among similar projects.This, of course, is a series «We ...» from renowned developers of ngmoco.
 The presence of all three projects in this series on iDevayse may deprive many of us sleep and seriously detract from the important things.Today in our "guests" - the most recent and technically advanced edition in a new setting . .

We ran a medieval kingdom , his own farm , and now in our hands got an imaginary city.  From the first seconds we begin to literally build their future.  At this time ngmoco logical to abandon the system "crop" in the beds, dividing it into two components: the factory and research.
At first glance, the factory represent a same patch, only in profile. In principle, it is.As always, the player has a choice: every 5 minutes to shoot with them for "a penny" or do it once a day, but a large amount.

 The developers have not changed the principles of the previous parts, and therefore the game on all moving those calls at the application more often than others.  Collect "on the penny" more advantageous for success in the application, but a detrimental effect on the success and free time in real life.

Second, and partly a new system - the research. Among the buildings there is a separate category of buildings intended for use by developing some sort of "unique" public institutions, which are available in finished form is impossible. It looks as follows: in one of these buildings we order "Survey", for example, in the field of jurisprudence. At the proper level of attention to this study in our use will be given a court building, from which we will make a profit in its virtual pocket.

As always, the whole gameplay is tied to the accumulation of money and passing the development of yield territory belonging to us. The social part is the ability to look another "visit" and ordered him any service, received after a certain time and expertise, and money. Of course, most of that friend will not become worse, just the opposite - exactly twice as better or more profitable.
Finally ngmoco worked on the technical part of the application - it now works correctly in the background on iOS 4.X. Developers originally taken care of the owners iDevaysov with displays Retina.
Performance for all devices is kept at approximately the same level and only at later stages toy little slow when displaying densely built-up areas - but only for past generations glands.
We City does not recommend only if you are hypersensitive to this genre as a whole. For everyone else we recommend at least try to create a successful town.Especially because the App Store this toy is worth nothing:

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