iLife '09 «postponed" until October 20. We are waiting for an update?

Delivery of all, without exception, computers Apple, expected in the first half of this week, a few hours ago, moved two days ahead.The explanation for this strange move kupertinovtsev find difficult. It should only take a look at a page of a major international online store

The German division of has changed the content pages of a multimedia package of iLife '09.The software, previously disappeared from the virtual store shelves, will be available on Wednesday, October 20. That is, after the conference, Apple "Back To the Mac" .A similar delay - at BestBuy:

Appears at first glance, a logical question.If the update does happen on October 20, then why iLife '09 postponed, but not removed from the market? Most likely, Amazon and BestBuy act preemptively, not having accurate information from the hands of insiders in Cupertino.If Wednesday iLife '11 will be on sale, the remnants of iLife '09 should hold it in stock, to avoid possible confusion or dissatisfaction of buyers.Maybe Page iLife '09 is generally used as the blueprint for the next version.
Here comes into play delay shipments of computers Apple, which we reported at the beginning.  Explained it very simply: the delivery of new Mac is suspended, so the new owners got them with the latest version of the preinstalled software.I mean, with iLife '11 . "Bingo" or not, find out tomorrow at nine in the evening in Moscow.


Smkhanz said...

People!but tell me - I'm just the first year of use poppy seeds - more updates nebylo.Can Life `09 just to upgrade to life` 11 or so as the new office 2007 to buy necessary?
A similar question about the leopard to lion (if she will be called)?

the first Yo!

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